Whether it was the rich mac ’n’ cheese ... meatballs in cream sauce ... crispy caramelized potatoes ... or holiday apple custard pie, if Mom or Grandma made it, it was special.

Nothing tastes as good as a meal cooked by someone who loves you. In our constantly changing world, the memory of these made-with-love meals comforts us and makes us feel safe.

Make everyday meals extra special for your family with best-loved and authentic recipes, just like Grandma used to make, including Split Pea Soup ... Irish Stew ... Brown Sugar Rhubarb Cake ... Enormous Popovers ... Zucchini Cheese Bake ... Mama’s Chicken Soup ... Beer-Baked Beans with Short Ribs ... Sugar Doughnuts ... and so many more!

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The Brass Sisters fondly recall the sticky buns, muffins, pancakes, and oatmeal they enjoyed in their younger days. Now you can re-create these real American meals at your own breakfast table:

The Queens of Comfort Food

An Applesauce Cake with plumped raisins
that’s even better the next day

Cranberry-Orange Cream Scones are equally delicious if you substitute blueberries.

Mary Williams’s Coffee Cake with Streusel:
a buttery treasure from the 1940s

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake from the 1970s: A few humble ingredients add up to heavenly taste! Page 49

Fragrant biscotti with a subtle flavor of anise

Plus many more wake-up treats that will inspire you to enjoy breakfast at home with your family.

Here’s everything you need to share Grandma’s best home recipes with your family!

More than 200 heirloom cooking and baking recipes

All the best comfort food recipes, all in one place: breakfast treats, tempting appetizers, popular soups and salads, sensational side dishes, homemade breads, hearty entrées, and dozens of delicious desserts

Full-page color photos to inspire you

Comfort food favorites, including a wide variety of ethnic dishes

Recipes that range from the late 1800s to today

Fascinating stories and history behind each recipe

Grandma’s best secrets, tips, and shortcuts at your fingertips

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Billionaire's Macaroni and Cheese

Billionaire's Macaroni and Cheese (1950s): Four kinds of cheese make this an incredibly rich, savory dish! Page 256

Mrs. Naka’s Lemon Angel Pie

Mrs. Naka’s Lemon
Angel Pie
(1950s): Here’s what our tasting panelists said: “Very good.” “Light and airy version of lemon meringue pie but better.” Page 303

Mama’s Pie Crust Pizza with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Mama’s Pie Crust Pizza with Mushroom Tomato Sauce. The secret of Mama’s delectable crust? Oregano, butter, and ice water!
Page 250

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